Ron Smith grew up in Dublin, Ireland. One of his first jobs – working with acrylic and fiberglass to build forms for sports cars, yachts, and ornate face masks (really!) – sparked his interest in the creative process. While he continued with his ‘day job’, Ron signed up with the Dublin Art College, on Kildare Street, where he learned how to design, sculpt and mould much finer forms.

In a city rich in art and culture, there was lots of inspiration. Galleries and museums, Trinity College, the Book of Kells, to be sure – but also the pubs. Places like Davy Burns’, Keough’s and McDaid’s, on Grafton Street and around St. Stephen’s Green – were bursting with writers, poets, musicians and artists. Ron’s avid curiosity, developing artistic skills, and ability to down a pint (or several) with the best of them, earned him invitations to gallery openings, exhibits and ‘A-list’ parties – all continuing fodder for his creativity.

After a few years of 'hippydom’ in London, England, Ron met his future wife, Susanna, and they moved to Bristol where he worked as a sign builder. By night and weekends, he began working with silver, crafting one-of-a-kind jewellery off the corner of the kitchen table.

Fast forward several years. Ron and Susanna settle in Toronto, Canada, buy a home and have a son. Home renovations take precedence over just about everything and it’s a decade before Ron finally has time to build himself a workshop (move all that stuff off the kitchen table) and return to his craft.

Through his knowledge of mould-forming, fold-forming and repoussé, and his interest in both Celtic, Egyptian and galactic-inspired design, Ron has developed an intriguing, unique style. Each piece of hand-crafted jewellery takes hours to create and – while he is often asked to make similar pieces – no two are ever the same.

“I want people to feel that the piece I make for them has been made for them alone.”